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New Beginnings

This is a time of new beginnings! I am deep into my book and inserting new material into what I have already written, rounding things out nicely. I am giving myself permission to write off the top of my head for this blog, so you will be getting the unedited version.

And I am finally continuing with my blog. It is my hope to share with you, on a semi-regular basis, spiritual insights and experiences I have had, from the past into the present. When I initially started doing intuitive sessions, I primarily read a person's aura and chakras. Through the experience of reading clients' energy fields, identifying colors and what they mean, I noticed the presence of spiritual beings around several of my clients. Once I became aware of their presence, they began to communicate to the client through me, and I had my first exposure to the neutrality and beauty of spiritual guidance and information. This is how I began communicating with guides, teachers, and guardian angels in the realm of spirit.

Thinking about those past experiences caused me to remember all the different types of intuitive sessions I've done over these 30 plus years. I began to feel nostalgic, and I was filled with inspiration from my guides and teachers! I am offering all of these various sessions, one at a time, at a special discount each month!

I am really excited about this and I know it will be fun, as well as informative.

I am starting these Special Discount Sessions in March, and you can find out more here.

I will only be able to take a certain number per month on a first come, first serve basis. So check them out, and I look forward to talking to you and your soul soon!

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