enhance your connection
with the Divine

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The Meditation For Contacting Your Soul is recommended
as preparation for your one-on-one session with Christen.

Meditation for Contacting Your Soul
background music by Kevin McLeod

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What are Spirit Guides?

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Wild Path

Your Soul's Path

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meditation CD's
by Christen

Over the years, my clients have often asked for further guidance in how to communicate with Spirit as well as meditations for contacting their inner light and wisdom. As a result, I am offering special meditations designed to help you further your own path of connection with the Divine.

Sample meditation track - volume 1

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Meditations for Guidance

Volume 1

Communicating With Your Spirit Guides

Receive guidance and teachings from your spirit companions that have been chosen by your soul to work with you.


Healing Light Meditation

Open up and receive Divine Light into every cell of your being to create healing and transformation of your body, mind, and spirit.



Price: $15

Sample meditation track - volume 2

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Meditations for Guidance

Volume 2

Listening To Your Soul

Live every day of your life knowing that you are being led by your soul's inherent wisdom and strength.


Angel Letter Meditation

Connect with your angels and be uplifted as you receive a beautiful letter of guidance and support.



Price: $15


I use Christen's meditation CD's as a daily meditation.


learn how to access your soul's 

wisdom & guidance



Learn effective and unique techniques for receiving guidance and support from the world of Spirit.



Do you know what your soul wants
to accomplish in this life? Explore this and more through guided exercises and intuitive insights.



This teleclass series package offers inspiring and practical information for creating positive change in your life, plus guided meditations.