Christen McCormack

Christen McCormack

Intuitive Coach

Spiritual Guidance

My intuitive work has always been about helping people to reach an awareness of their soul purposes and experience the self-empowerment this brings. Through individual sessions and workshops I am able to utilize my intuitive gifts to speak to you on behalf of your soul, providing you with insight and clarity regarding your life path. You can then align yourself with your soul's intentions for you and life will flow easily, offering you numberous beneficial opportunities to support you along the way.


For as long as I can remember, I have been intuitive. As a child I could hear people's thoughts and I often knew when something would happen before it actually did. I had a close relationship with the trees and wildlife in the woods behind our house, feeling supported and loved by the natural world. When I was nine years old an incredible golden, white light woke me up one night. There was a huge Angel in the midst of the light and I was filled with an indescribable love. The Angel told me that I had a work to do in this world and never to give up on life. As the Angel was leaving, I reached out and actually felt its robe in my hand.


Years later, when I had accepted my intuitive abilities, I understood what the Angel was talking about. Once I found my own teacher I learned that my abilities were given to me as a way to be of service. I had a deep desire to provide people with more than just information about themselves, I wanted to be able to give them true guidance as well. It became clear to me that connecting with a person's soul would provide all of that, and more.


The experience of soul that I'm referring to is vast, luminous, wise and incredibly powerful. It is the divine, eternal part of ourselves. When we connect with our soul we are filled with peace and confidence, and fear falls by the wayside.


My fondest wish and life's work is to help as many people as possible to be empowered by having a direct and ongoing connection with their soul. A magnificent abundance of gifts flow out of this relationship.


I hope we may share in this work together,

Christen McCormack

Spirit School of the Intuitive Arts

Spirit School was founded by Christen McCormack to provide the tools and techniques needed to awaken you to the ongoing reality of Spirit in your life. This unconditional loving presence is available to you every day and is a rich source of wisdom and guidance that you can connect with.



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