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about Christen

My work has always been about helping people to connect with their own divinity. Spirit School helps me share some of the wonderful gifts I have been blessed with in this life.


I've had intuitive abilities for as long as I can remember. As a child I could hear people's thoughts and I often knew when something would happen before it actually did. When I was nine years old an incredible golden white light appeared to me one night. There was an angel in the light and I felt an indescribable love. The angel told me that I had a work to do in the world and never to give up on life. As the angel was leaving, I reached out and actually felt its robe in my hand.


Years later, when I opened to my abilities, I understood what the angel was talking about. Once I found my own teacher I learned that my abilities were given to me as a ministry, as a way to be of service. I prayed for help in giving people more than just information about themselves, but true guidance. In response to these prayers, the method to connect with a person's soul was shown to me by Spirit.


The experience of soul I'm referring to is vast, luminous, wise and incredibly loving. It is the divine, eternal part of ourselves. When we connect with our soul, we not only get guidance, we also are filled with divine love. My fondest wish and life's work is to help as many people as possible to be empowered by having a direct and on-going connection with their soul. A magnificent abundance of gifts from Spirit flow out of that relationship, and that's what Spirit School is really about.


I hope we may share in this work together.

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