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Spirit School

Seeking the
Light Within


Join us for a time of inspiration and a
shared experience of teachings from Spirit.

Annual Fall

OCTOBER 21, 2023

All are welcome to join us in person for a day of

"Embodied Healing." 



Learn exclusive Spirit School techniques to receive clear guidance from Spirit and transform your life.

Radiance Healing Light


Create gentle healing and transformation on all levels with this innovative Spirit School healing modality.

Event 1

Seeking the
Light Within



7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (ET)


All evenings will be conducted via
Zoom (cameras on) - on your computer
or on your phone.

All dates will be recorded
for you to listen to again.


Register for 14 Evenings:

$462.00 ($33 each)

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Register for 7 Evenings:

$245.00 ($35 each)

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Register for One Evening:


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Join us for a time of inspiration and a
shared experience of teachings from Spirit.

Our evenings together are inspired by Spirit and are a community based experience. We design them to provide you with opportunities to enhance your intuitive awareness in a relaxed, Light filled atmosphere. We begin each session with one of Spirit School’s transformative guided meditations, followed by teachings. These teachings range from direct transmissions from Archangels and Ascended Masters to protocols for energy healing. We include dynamic guest speakers who share their informative stories as  authors, healers, and as seekers of the Light. We conclude each evening with deep sharing amongst ourselves and a renewed sense of connection to the power of our own inner Light. We record each session for you to be able to review afterwards as often as you like. 

The world around us is going through powerful healing changes that can sometimes feel disruptive and challenging. Our intention is to provide a sacred space for us to gather, share, learn and be uplifted. Together we will create a Circle of Light that will support us as we get acquainted with our own sacred nature, the Higher Truth and wisdom within our hearts that will carry us through all of life’s challenges and restore us to peace and calm.


Christen McCormack & Kemper Conwell


TIME: 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm (Eastern Time)

ONLINE - All events will be conducted via Zoom (cameras on) on your computer or on your phone. See dates below.

Contact Christen for more information.

2023 DATES:

February 15 - Manifest Your Dreams

March 8 - A Conversation with a Friend on the Other Side

March 29 - Tim Boyd: Miracles and the Tarot

April 19 - Partnering with the Earth

May 10 - Prayers that Make a Difference

May 31 - Self Muscle Testing

June 21 - Archangel Michael on Divine Love and Joy: Inspired Teachings


August 2 - Jesus on Healing: Inspired Teachings

August 23 - Reincarnation and Karma

September 13 - Madonna Houle: Spiritual Power

October 4 - The Chakras

October 25 - The Power of Color

November 15 - Creating Sacred Presence through Ritual

December 6 - Neutralizing the Effects of Mass Consciousness

Fall Gathering


OCTOBER 21, 2023

10:30 pm - 4:00 pm (ET)

Arrive 15 minutes early


Belle Meade Farm and School

353 F.T. Valley Rd, Sperryville, VA. 

Register & Pay Here:

$110 for the day (non-refundable)

Pay by October 20

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All are welcome!

Come join us in the mountains of Virginia, on an organic farm in a tastefully restored old schoolhouse that is now a Montessori School! It’s a beautiful setting at a special time of year, and there will still be some fall colors to enjoy. This is a day that will be dedicated to healing, starting with Qi Gong, a calling in of the Angels, and then higher teachings from Spirit will flow. As a special gift, Spirit School’s Radiance Healing Light Practitioners in Training will be on hand for you to have a free healing session at preselected times in the day. 


When a healing is embodied, it is retained. It reaches the deepest core of your being and integrates with every level of your psyche and body. Experience all the benefits of Spirit School’s potent techniques for moving energy in the support of Divine presence, and go home feeling refreshed and wonderfully transformed.

Christen McCorma
ck & Kemper Conwell


TIME: 10:30 am (arrive 15 minutes early) – 4:00 pm

LOCATION: Belle Meade Farm and School

353 F.T. Valley Rd, Sperryville, VA. 

Bring a bag lunch. Snacks will be provided. You will need a water bottle and a notebook to write in.

Contact Christen for more information.

Event 2

Evenings with Archangel Michael

Join us for uplifting and powerful teachings
from Archangel Michael



7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (ET)


All evenings will be conducted via
Zoom (cameras on).

All dates will be recorded
for you to listen to again.

Register & Pay Here:

$456 for the Series

Deadline for payment is February 25, 2023

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Archangel Michael has been teaching a select group in Spirit School for a number of years now, with his teachings culminating in a book that will be released in 2023. These evenings will be a continuation of his teachings and will largely be all new material. It is his deepest wish that we awaken to the truth of who we are: Creators here in this earthly world, learning to become empowered and uplifted by the full expression of ourselves as Light. When we are able to live our daily lives through this higher truth, we experience serenity and deep fulfillment. And, most importantly, we become a blessing to others.


It is Archangel Michael’s sincere desire that we learn to create in our lives because of the security that brings to us, enabling us to become a presence of peace in these turbulent times. He says that all the Archangels are working hard to uplift humanity now and he welcomes the opportunity to teach and serve us, to be with us in a field of love that will radiate out into the world from the circle of Light that we build every evening that we are together.


Christen McCorma
ck & Kemper Conwell


TIME: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (Eastern Time)

ONLINE - All events will be conducted via Zoom (cameras on). There will be time for questions and a recording will be provided for your continued use after each evening. See dates below.

Contact Christen for more information.


March 1

March 22

April 12

May 3

May 24

June 14


August 10

August 31

September 21

October 12

November 2

November 30

*Some of these teachings will refer to discourses that he gave us in late 2022. They are available by transcript for you at the cost of $22 and it is highly recommended that you purchase these if you plan to join us for these evenings. Click HERE to purchase. 

Transformative Guidance



JULY 13, 2023



Image by Michael Held

Learn exclusive Spirit School techniques to receive clear guidance from Spirit and transform your life.

Transformative Guidance is a series of classes providing dynamic techniques designed to help you strengthen your intuitive abilities. We take a grounded approach unique to Spirit School that will help you to gain confidence in your ability to partner with Spirit, receive clear guidance, and make choices that lead to success and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

The Transformative Guidance Series includes 2 levels: Foundation and Advanced.

Radiance Healing Light



FEBRUARY 1, 2023

Image by Sherry Wright

Create gentle healing and transformation on all levels with this innovative Spirit School healing modality. 

Radiance Healing Light is a new, innovative Spirit School healing modality that is designed to bring you real and tangible results. It is a unique combination of vibratory frequencies that creates a complete healing through clearing and transformation on all levels of your being. Many experience an immediate shift as they begin to use this technique.


Radiance Healing Light has four levels of study. You begin with the Foundation Series, then continue to refine your healing abilities in the Advanced and Mastery Series. Then you can study to become a Radiance Healing Light Practitioner if you feel that calling to offer healing work to others, or to further explore the depth of personal healing and transformation that Radiance Healing Light provides.

The Transformative Guidance Series includes 4 levels: Foundation, Advanced, Mastery, and Practitioner.

Spirit School classes will help you to:
  • Develop your intuitive awareness

  • Find your Divinity within

  • Live in alignment with your soul's purposes

  • Receive valuable information and guidance from your soul, guides and angels

  • Communicate with your loved ones on the other side

  • Become empowered to make life choices from the highest level of your being




All are welcome

April 22, 2023

10:30 - 4:00 pm (EST)

Belle Meade School

Sperryville, VA

Image by Niklas Ohlrogge

Join us for a day of

transformation and renewal.

In the midst of the blossoming vitality of spring, we will join with the energy of the season and bring the dynamic strength of personal power, our Soul’s essence, into our lives. Just like the Earth in her time of awakening, we will create transformation and renewal for ourselves, clearing stuck energy to move ahead with confidence and clarity to fulfill our goals and desires.

We are gathering in the peaceful mountains of Sperryville, VA for a day of experiencing the awakening of our personal Soul power in the beauty of the surrounding area and the uplifting presence of community that a Spirit School Gathering creates.



Are your ready for companionship & love?

Beginning January 12, 2020

7:00 - 8:45 pm (EST)

Online Webinar Series

Conducted via Zoom

Image by Sebastien Gabriel

Continue to strengthen your healing
and intuitive abilities on a deeper level
with this Mastery level course.

After completing the RHL Foundation and Advanced levels you have been prepared for the Mastery Level. Through exploring and experiencing personal healing on an even deeper level, you will find that your clarity about what you want for your life is greatly enhanced. In this series you will strengthen your healing and intuitive abilities with new techniques and a reinforcement of some techniques already covered.

• Healing on a Cellular Level

• Clearing Limiting Vows Made in your Past & Present Life

• Transforming Negative Life Patterns

• Timeline Healing

• Chakra Healing

• Own Your Power

• Clearing Entities and Thought Forms

• Sacred Stone Healing Circle


Spirit School Immersive Series 2019 & 2020

With Christen McCormack & Kemper Conwell

10:30 - 4:30

Belle Meade School

Sperryville, VA

Forest Trees

In this six month series we are providing you
with an immersive experience of gentle, in-depth healing that will give your soul the freedom to create in your life. 

Through the use of a new Spirit School healing technique called "Radiance Healing Light," you will be given the opportunity to experience a transformation that opens the door to so much more in your life. It is a door that leads to the higher realms of consciousness, where your soul resides. 

  • Experience the freedom and inspiration of a soul guided life. ​

  • Come to an awareness of the depth of your personal power as you partner with your soul to design your life according to your soul's highest intentions. ​

  • Heal yourself on every level of your being

  • Live your life with vitality and confidence


A Spirit School Online Series

Online Webinar


7:30 - 8:30 pm (Eastern Time)

Online Webinar

Recordings will be provided

Dandelion Fields

Learn the Spirit School Method for clear communication with Spirit, and experience new techniques that are being taught for the first time.


Christen McCormack is widely known for her unique and accurate Intuitive Guidance work, acting as a conduit for her clients’ Soul, Guardian angel, Spirit Guides, and loved ones who have passed over. Christen will be teaching you the same techniques she has used for 35 years of transformation Intuitive Guidance. 


Date and topics:

  • July 18 - Receiving Spiritual Guidance

  • August 1 - Meet Your Guardian Angel

  • August 15 - Your Spirit Guides

  • August 29 - Listen to Your Soul

  • September 12 - Talk with Your Loved Ones on the
    Other Side



with Christen McCormack and Jennifer Coombs

JANUARY 20, 2018

Open House: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Manifestation Circle: 2:00 - 5:00 pm

214 North East Street,  Culpepper, VA

Beauty of Flight

Everyone is welcome! Come visit our new office space, enjoy some snacks, and get a free mini card reading from Christen or a one question Angel Reading from Jennifer while you’re here.


We are also very excited to offer a 2018 Manifestation Circle in the afternoon. Come prepared with your desires and intentions for the new year ahead and we will help you to bring them into creation.


It will be wonderful to welcome in 2018 with you, and to bless our new offices with your presence and light. We hope that you can come! 



Learn how to use the pendulum

August 20, 2022

1:00 - 4:00 pm (EST)

Online Event

Conducted via Zoom

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

The pendulum is a tool that gives you access to answers for any question you can think of.

When you learn how to use the pendulum it will open you to a wide range of information about yourself and any endeavor you are considering in your life. Sometimes people are disappointed by the results they have when working with a pendulum and that’s why we are offering this course. With our unique Spirit School techniques to support you, the success you’d hope to experience with this powerful dowsing tool is assured.

  • Choose a reliable source for the information that you seek.

  • Techniques to ensure that your answers are accurate.

  • How to succinctly word your questions to provide an open channel for your answers.

  • Use a pendulum to measure the life force in foods and supplements.

  • How to use a chart for quick and easy access to a wide range of information.


Webinar Series

Are your ready for companionship & love?

Beginning January 8, 2020

7:30 - 8:30 pm (EST)

Online Webinar Series

Recordings will be provided

Image by Khadeeja Yasser

Explore the many ways that you can
open your life up to meet that special someone who is your Soulmate.

I have created this webinar series to help you let go of what needs to be released in your life and in your thinking, in order to make room for your Beloved to come in. When we have gone for awhile without the companionship and love that we need, we can develop negative and false stories about ourselves that we aren't even consciously aware of. These stories get in the way of our opening to love and intimacy.

  • What is a Soulmate?

  • How do you know you're ready?

  • Who do you need to be to match this partner? 

  • Does your past determine your future?

  • How do you meet your Soulmate?

  • What's left unfinished in your life?

  • Let's create that magnetic field of attraction!


A Day of Healing and Renewal

All are Welcome!

NOVEMBER 10, 2018

10:30 - 5:00

Belle Meade School

Sperryville, VA

Beach at Sunset

Join us for a day of gentle transformation 
through the uplifting energy of Spirit, 
and the deep wisdom of your own soul.

This is a Spirit School day in which you can sit back and relax, allow yourself to receive fully. We are going to pamper you. No prior experience is necessary.

Topics include:

  • Sacred Stone Circle meditation where you will meet with your Guardian Angel

  • A Spirit School Chakra Balancing

  • Divination cards as a tool to receive guidance from
    your soul

  • Healing work with flower essences and tuning forks


A Spirit School Healing Series

with Christen McCormack

MARCH 3  •  APRIL 14  •  MAY 12, 2018

1:30 - 5:00 pm

214 North East Street,  Culpepper, VA

Open Field

Have you been feeling frustrated by a lack of
progress or tired of the same old patterns and
circumstances showing up year after year?
If so, you are ready to clear your limiting beliefs!


Limiting beliefs are a product of our past, originating in our early childhood experiences, and even our past lives. They settle into our subconscious mind and cause us to sabotage our efforts to positively change our lives. 


Our limiting beliefs can be identified and cleared! I have created a program where we will work with all levels of your consciousness to release the limiting beliefs and replace them with supportive beliefs based on higher truths.


  • Begin a process of everlasting and uplifting changes

  • Dare to create great things in your life

  • Feel empowered and secure, living a life based on the truth of your ability to positively affect your world

Stay informed about events & workshops,
and receive updates from Christen:

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