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Your First Intuitive Guidance Session with Christen will provide you with an overview of your soul purposes, with time to ask questions on any topic of importance to you. Your soul is the clearest, wisest source of higher guidance available to you. Christen has 35 years of experience with intuitive communication, and she will utilize her intuitive gifts to convey to you the deep insight and clarity that only your soul can provide.


After your first session, you can schedule an Intuitive Guidance session for more valuable information and guidance from your soul about any area of your life. Intuitive Coaching on a bi-weekly or monthly basis is also available to assist you in designing a life that is fulfilling and purposeful, as well as bring resolution to any ongoing issues you may have. (Ask Christen about setting up Coaching Sessions at a discount.) Other popular sessions are: Angelic Guidance, Soul Guided Healing, and Tarot For Your Soul.


All sessions with Christen are by appointment only. You can schedule a phone session here. For those of you that prefer an in-person appointment, click here to schedule an appointment with Christen at her office in Culpeper, VA.

See below for descriptions of the different kinds of sessions you can schedule with Christen:

The First Intuitive Guidance Session: Your Soul Purposes

An Intuitive Guidance session provides you with understanding and solutions to any questions you have about your life or any challenges you may be experiencing. In these sessions, Christen uses her intuitive abilities to convey information and guidance to you directly from your soul. (Your soul is a very deep level of wisdom within you; it is your divine essence.) Christen will tell you about your soul purposes, which indicate what your soul has set out to accomplish and learn in this life and what career path(s) would be most fulfilling for you. When you align with your soul's purposes, your life becomes meaningful and harmonious.


Any questions you have about your life are appropriate for discussion in this session. You may want to ask about your career, important relationships in your life, your finances, and your spiritual journey. The information that your soul presents to you through Christen will support your growth and give you a true sense of your path of fulfillment in every arena of life.


Your session will be recorded for your convenience.
This session is a pre-requisite for Intuitive Guidance, Coaching and Soul Guided Healing sessions.

Intuitive Guidance

After you have had your First Intuitive Guidance Session with Christen where you experienced your soul's deep wisdom and guidance and learned about your Soul Purposes, you can continue to explore your life from the higher perspective of your soul and receive answers and solutions to any challenges you may be having. Your soul always knows what is best for you and can steer you to deeper meaningful levels of communication with those you care for, as well as fulfillment and success in all of your endeavors.


You can ask about any questions you have about your life in this session. You may want to ask about your career, important relationships in your life, your finances, and your spiritual journey. The information that your soul presents to you through Christen will support your growth and give you a true sense of your soul’s path in every arena of life.


Christen is also able to contact your loved ones on the other side and bring you meaningful messages from them.


Your session will be recorded for your convenience.

Intuitive Coaching

After their First Session with Christen, where they learn about their soul purposes, many people want to speak to her on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Intuitive Coaching is an opportunity to align with your soul’s purposes to create a higher level of happiness and confidence in your capability to manifest in the world.


These dynamic sessions can cover any facet of your life, including creating success, launching new endeavors, and improving your health and relationships. Your work with Christen will be directed by your soul through her intuitive abilities and will be geared toward generating exciting and substantial new developments in your life. Intuitive Coaching can also help you to strengthen your ability to communicate directly with your soul to receive guidance.

When you schedule your bi-weekly or monthly sessions for a six-month period, you receive a discount. Contact Christen here to set up your appointments. Your sessions will be recorded for your convenience.

Angelic Guidance

Have you wondered what it would be like to talk with your Guardian Angel? In this session, Christen will be a conduit for you and your Angel, giving you access to the profound and insightful messages your Angel can provide.


Communicating with your Guardian Angel is an enlightening and uplifting experience. The combination of astute information and heartfelt sensitivity in regard to any questions you may have will provide you with a deep understanding of how you can design a fulfilling, happy life.


Your Angel accompanies you on your journey through life, and your messages will be tailored for you and your particular circumstances. Because your Guardian Angel works with your soul to support you in living out your soul purposes, all of your Angel's guidance is in alignment with your soul's intentions for you.


A session with your Guardian Angel will give you a sense of empowerment and peace. Your Angel's words and presence will have meaning for you for years to come.

Your session will be recorded for your convenience.

Soul Guided Healing

Discover and transform the limiting beliefs and behaviors that have held you back from greater levels of success and fulfillment in life. Through Christen’s intuitive communication with your soul, and guided healing meditations and energy work, any limitations you are experiencing in your life will be gently and powerfully reframed. Create a positive and decisive momentum through a complete release of the unconscious beliefs and fears that have been holding you back from achieving what you desire.


You will emerge from the session feeling much lighter, with a greater awareness of your talents and abilities, and a concrete sense of your own empowerment.


This process of changing your inner world has a direct effect on every aspect of your life. Clients have reported profound improvements in finances, health, and relationships. You will live your life in a new paradigm that is in alignment with your soul’s unique path and purposes.


(May require more than one session.)

Tarot for Your Soul

When used with intention and care, the Tarot cards can be a window to your soul and its guidance for you.  Christen has privately been using the Tarot for herself and friends over the years and has appreciated the depth of information they can provide about the past, present and potential future.  Now she is expanding her practice to include her intuitive connection with your soul, and the visual messages that the Tarot cards can provide.  

Available as a first session with me.

Your session will be recorded for your convenience.

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