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Digital Audio Course

Inspiring and spiritually practical information for connecting with Spirit and co-creating positive change in your life, plus guided meditations to help you on your journey.

This previously recorded series is available to purchase as a package, and includes the following classes:

The Power of Your Soul's Light

For years I have taught the importance of embodying your soul's light and presence. Benefits of doing this include increased confidence and inner strength, and heightened intuition. In addition, your soul's guidance will be more readily available and you will not absorb or be influenced by other people's thoughts and emotions. Learn how to align yourself with your soul's light and direct it into your life to create positive changes.

Accessing Spiritual Assistance and Support

We have so much help available to us from our soul, spirit guides, and angels that we are not always effectively seeking or utilizing. Learn techniques for getting specific guidance and support regarding any aspect of your life. Develop a relationship with your spiritual helpers that can be a lifelong source of reassurance and companionship for you.

The Magic of Co-Creation

We are creating the majority of our life experiences every day. Make this a conscious part of your existence, and learn how to partner with Spirit for that extra boost that we all need in getting our intentions and desires fulfilled. This is probably the most important class I teach. Working cooperatively with Spirit helps you to attain your goals and have a tangible experience of Spirit’s presence in your world.

$40 for the series
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