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Messages from 

Mother Mary

Image by Grant Whitty

A Message from Mother Mary for All of Us

Received by Christen McCormack on March 27, 2020

In connecting with Mary today I see her in a white robe with a blue mantle, looking down at me with love in her eyes. Her hands are turned with her palms facing me, and golden beams of light radiate out from each hand to the world. I see that some people are receiving the Light she sends and it heals and transforms them, while many are oblivious. I feel her concern for us. Blessed Mother speaks:


Beloved Ones,


I am here with you always, especially in times of darkness and turmoil, such as what you experience now. If only the world would place a higher value on love, things could be so different for all of you now. It is so simple, really, this call to love. It would provide comfort for all, peace for the many, and God’s divine plan would come to pass on Earth.


It is a plan of peace and abundance for all the people of the Earth, it is an advancement of consciousness that creates Heaven on Earth -- an end to suffering, and an ability to fully experience the beauty of life. Each day would be as a beautiful pearl in full perfection, to be enjoyed by one and all. This is indeed God’s plan for all of humanity. When more and more are able to respond to this call to love, life changes for all and becomes what is was always meant to be, a joyous and uplifting experience for every soul.


I come to you today in a world where turmoil and fear has become a cacophony of sorrow. Your way of life is slowly coming to an end, and this may seem to be something to be mourned, yet the new day shall shine bright. The narrow paths on which you have lived your lives have become constricting and exist no more. You begin to realize that you are a presence in the whole world, not just the community that you live in, that your actions and behaviors affect everyone and are contagious in their own way. That you all are connected has taken on new meaning to you, with the knowledge that the power of the interconnection is great. I tell you, one act of love is an act that benefits all. 


When I say that there is a great imbalance in the world you know this to be true. The imbalance has become so great that it has entered in and violated every arena of life, every sector of your population. All of humanity feels it, the Earth bears it with much graciousness, yet is becoming unable to carry the load. 

I don’t come to make dire predictions, but rather to entreat you to supreme acts of benevolence and kindness. I ask you to remember that love is the great conqueror. It provides the security that all need, it naturally creates peace. In the presence of love all are fed and no one goes hungry. Fear becomes a distant memory, children grow up to realize their personal mission in the world, and illness becomes less and less prevalent. Your body, mind and spirit will merge, and imbalance in the world becomes a thing of the past.


Nature has its own natural order. When there is an imbalance for an extended period of time, nature’s orderliness becomes disrupted. Although viruses and other pathogens are part of nature and intrinsic to the Earth experience, a pandemic is not. When balance is brought back to the Earth, and it will be, these large and encompassing events will no longer manifest. 


By now you all understand the magnitude of the effect that stress has on your bodies and your minds. Yet the level of stress that most of humanity lives with has become so high that it is as a gray cloud hanging over the Earth. And the Earth is injured by it. What you know as pollution and climate change is the direct result of stress and the feeling that there is never enough. You call it greed. I call it insecurity and a belief in scarcity. It causes some to feel safe only if they have an excess of resources, and often that excess is not even enough. 


So many have grown up in a home without enough love. As adults they project that need for love onto material things and try to assuage their need for the calm and reassurance that love brings by buying more, having more. Their possessions, their money, cannot take the place of love, however.


Now, with this pandemic, many are injured. And a just amount of money, as well as good health, are no longer a luxury, but are best understood as a necessity. I have always said and remain steadfast in this, that all should have adequate food and shelter, for these are a form of love. For those who have to live without enough to sustain them, love does mean material things.


I ask you, from my heart of hearts, to do what you can to help others during this current crisis, and when it comes to an end. All will need to recover in a variety of ways, and for some that will be more difficult. Much more difficult. Whatever you may have to offer to them in the form of material resources, please share. If you live in love, insecurity will not overtake you. If all you have to offer is love and compassion, they are powerful healers. You are doing much by offering these. 


Is there a purpose to all that you are experiencing at this time? It is not so much a purpose as a result, a consequence. You can be sure that the imbalance will continue if the high levels of stress and insecurity continue. And if the imbalance remains strong, as it is now, the results will continue to be extreme. I long for each of you to experience wellbeing and peace. The Earth longs for peace also. I entreat you to give up the false belief that there isn’t enough for everyone in your world. There is enough and more. No one should have to fight for the security of their next meal. This is an abomination. When all are fed and cared for, the Earth will not suffer and its resources won’t be over-consumed. 


I know your heart is heavy when you hear this because it seems that it will be impossible to change things. But let me remind you of the power of love. I do not send out this call to love to all of you because I know it will make your world a nicer place. I call you to love now because love is the great healer. If enough of you embrace this message and start to emanate love and compassion into the world, you will see the changes that you want for yourself and for everyone. 


Love is not just an emotional state that feels good, it is a higher principle. It is the building block of all of creation. I tell you again, if enough of you emanate love and compassion the world will change for the better, and quickly. There is always love in your hearts to be found to offer to others. And through prayer and meditation you may reach out to me and receive the blessing of my love. You never have to do without love, it is always available for you. In your hearts is the indwelling presence of God. Therefore, you can always reach inside yourself for love to give to the world.


The presence of love in your life will allow your own stress levels to go down. This helps you and the Earth immensely. If you have put productivity over the enjoyment of life, I entreat you to approach your daily living differently. If your days don’t contain joy and fulfillment, I urge you to love yourself enough to make the necessary adjustments to provide those for yourself. This beautiful world that you live in was created to bring you joy. It was not meant to be a place of toil and trouble. Money is meant to be a tool, a resource, not a symbol of power. Those without it are no less worthy. All are meant to be lifted up by money, it is meant to be shared. 


You live in an abundant Universe. There is enough for everyone. No one should ever go hungry again. It cannot be tolerated. If you think that life is meant to be a struggle, that life on Earth is hard, know that love is your way out of this. When you open your hearts to give and receive love a whole new world will emerge.


I am here for everyone. Only call my name and I will be there for you. I come bearing love, it is the greatest that I have to offer. With love this time of upheaval on your planet can be quieted, and over the months ahead the imbalance will right itself. 


I know you can do this. I know you are ready for it. I am here if you need me. It’s time for a new world, and you are just the ones to create this.


In deep reverence,

Mother Mary of the Light

© Copyright 2020 Christen McCormack. All Rights Reserved.

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