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Holiday Gift Sessions

Give the Gift of an Intuitive Session



 I hope that you are enjoying your life, and your days are filled with goodness of all kinds. In this season of holiday gift giving, I am offering you the opportunity to give someone a special and meaningful gift of an Intuitive Guidance or Angelic Guidance session with me, by phone or in person at my office in Culpeper, VA. If in my office, your recipient will need to contact me through my website or email to schedule the appointment.


At this time of year many people are thinking about their future, or their purpose in life, and a session with me speaking on behalf of their soul or Guardian Angel can mean the world to them. The fee for an hour session is normally $165. Your gift will cost only $145 and will not expire until December 31, 2019. Plenty of time for your recipient to make their appointment with me, though it's hard to imagine that they will want to wait.


Here's how it works:  Pay me via Paypal or credit card below.  Let me know your gift recipient's name when you purchase the gift, and I will be ready for them when they schedule their appointment at any time in 2019.  All they have to do is go to my website where there will be a link for them to redeem their gift session; that will take them to my online calendar where they can then schedule their appointment. 


These gift sessions must be purchased by December 31, 2018, so please don't delay!  I will not be able to process them after that date.


I wish you all a holiday season filled with joy and peace.  I hope that we can radiate enough joy and peace into the world that the shift we have all been waiting for will begin, at last.  The greatest gift we can bring into our lives and the lives of all others is that of our Light, our inner radiance, the strength of our souls.  Thank you for sharing your soul's wisdom with me over the years.  I have been blessed by all of you.

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