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Spirit School Spring Series 2017


This Spirit School series is designed to help you increase your intuitive abilities, and through a unique visit to your Akashic Records you will gain clarity about your soul’s intentions for you in this lifetime. These are classes that have never before been taught by Spirit School, with techniques that Christen has used extensively over the years in her Intuitive Guidance Sessions.


We will create a circle that is filled with the support of Divine Light and Angelic beings, and end each day with guided Intuitive Healing by Kemper to help you gently integrate the expansion that each class activates. The series will provide a gateway to your true nature, and potential in the world.

Class topics:

    In order to manifest effectively in the world, all of your chakras need to be in resonance with what you hope to experience in your life. You will learn how to balance and cleanse your chakras, and program them to attract and receive your greater good. (A new Spirit School technique!) This class will include working with the higher chakras that are outside the body in the energy field.


  • April 22 - READING AURAS
    Learn how to balance and heal your aura. (Your energy field.) And learn how to read someone else's aura! We will identify the colors of your aura, any areas of congestion, higher frequency energies, and strengthen your aura to provide protection and empowerment in the world.

    Staying fully embodied, you will travel to the Akashic Records and have a look at your Book of Life. This is the book of all of your soul's incarnational experiences, and we will be focusing on your soul's intentions for this lifetime. The Akashic Records are a place in the dimension of spirit that is peaceful and strengthening. You will find a new sense of purpose and clarity for your life.

FACILITATORS:  Christen McCormack & Kemper Conwell


TIMES:  10:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

LOCATION:  Belle Meade Schoolhouse, Sperryville, VA
For directions, go to

Pre-registration with payment for this series is necessary.


Payment plans are available and couples have a special price. Contact Christen for more information.

Pre-registration ensures that you will receive the required book title and suggestions to prepare for the series.

 Contact Christen with any questions.



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