In the spirit of summer's vibrancy, Christen is offering two discount sessions for the months of July and August:
Tarot for Your Soul & Home or Workplace Clearing


This special offer is for appointments scheduled in July & August only. 


When used with intention and care, the Tarot cards can be a window to your soul and its guidance for you. Christen has privately been using the Tarot for herself and friends over the years and has appreciated the depth of information they can provide about the past, present and potential future. Now she is expanding her practice to include her intuitive connection with your soul, and the visual messages that the Tarot cards can provide.  

This session can be quite informative, especially when it comes to making life decisions. All the information comes from your soul, with the cards as a descriptive messenger of your soul's guidance and solutions.

(Available as a first session with me.)

$20 discount!


While you are on site, take me with you (via phone) through your home or workplace, and we will clear and energize each room, blessing it before we move to the next. The two of us will work collaboratively, with me guiding and assisting you in the techniques for clearing out unwanted and detrimental energies in each room, replacing these with balance, vibrancy, peace, or anything that you choose.

This Clearing Process is a time proven solution for any environment that feels off balance, chaotic, stale and lacking vibrancy, etc. Anything can be cleared, yes, even disembodied spirits. I will also make suggestions to you about how you can maintain the clearing when we are done.

If you are seeking prosperity, success, better health, happiness or love, it is important to create the right environment to attract these into your life. 

(Available as a first session with me. This is an hour long session.  I will email you a short list of things to do to prepare for the Clearing.)

$25 discount!