Radiance Healing Light


 Your soul inspires you through your heart's desires. The attainment of those desires will initiate a healing in you of major proportion, a healing of everything that holds you back from experiencing a fulfilling, prosperous life that is filled with love. One heartfelt dream that is achieved will form a cascade of positive progress in every area of your life because so much is cleared and released through that creation journey. 

In this six month series we are providing you with an immersive experience of gentle, in-depth healing that will give your soul the freedom to create in your life. Through the use of a new Spirit School healing technique called "Radiance Healing Light," you will be given the opportunity to experience a transformation that opens the door to so much more in your life. It is a door that leads to the higher realms of consciousness, where your soul resides. 

  • Experience the freedom and inspiration of a soul guided life. 

  • Come to an awareness of the depth of your personal power as you partner with your soul to design a life according to your soul's highest intentions for this lifetime. 

  • Heal yourself on every level of your being, including your physical body, through Radiance Healing Light techniques that will provide you with an immediate shift.

  • Live your life with vitality, and confidence in your ability to create in your world, having a positive influence on the world at large as well. 

Space is limited!

Please register early if you want to be a part of this new series.

FACILITATORS:  Christen McCormack & Kemper Conwell

TIME:  10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


• February 16, 2019

• March 16

• April 13

• May 11

• June 15

• July 20

• August 17 (*Possible snow day)

LOCATION:  Belle Meade School

353 F.T. Valley Road

Sperryville, VA  22740
For directions, go to


• $690 for the series if paid in full. 

(Non-refundable three weeks prior to the first class date.)

• $750 if using our payment plan, with a non-refundable deposit of $250. 

Recordings will be made of each session for all participants.

Bring your Spirit School notebook, water bottle, and a bagged lunch. Snacks will be provided. Wear comfortable clothing.

 Contact Christen with any questions.



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